The Love of a Family is Lifes Greatest Blessing

Thursday, April 30, 2009


Yesterday jade got her to smile at him. That was the best thing to see. It made are whole day. We also got her to giggle alittle. It was so nice to see her face lite up instead of looking so sad. She still isn't talking but I think it is getting closer. She makes more progress everyday. She gets alittle stronget today she sat up and helped get herself dressed. So little by little she will get there. Today she was watching dora and she started laughing it was good to hear that too. I will keep you posted on how she is doing. Thanks again for all your prayers and concern.

Jade was tickeling her and she thought that was pretty funny. Normally she would be yelling at him to stop. It didn't seem to bother her much. Just chillin with her BIG Bro.

When I walked in her room yesterday she was just waking up and this is what I saw. So Cute.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Our Little Princess

Well I am sure alot of you have heard the bad news about Addie. Those of you who haven't this is what happened. Last Mon she went with her dad roping, jade had her riding by herself but was helping her learn how to lead he was right by her side. The horse got spooked and ran off with Addie. Jade thinks she tried to pull him back to stop and when she did that she flipped herself forward and fell off. Hitting her head really hard and she was unconscious, jade had to give her CPR thank goodness he has had lots of training to know what to do. They called 911 and they came right away, but shortly decided to life flight her to Primary Childrens. When we got there they did x-rays and ct scans and found no broken bones but a skull fracture and a little bleeding. I would have rather had her break an arm and a leg then go through this. It would have been hard but not this hard.
She has come a long way since that day she was pretty much out of it for a few days but was breathing on her own the next day. She did have a chest tube to help her alittle. But that was taken out on wed. On friday she opened her eyes and recognized us when we would say where is mom or dad. On sat I went and got her a DORA movie and she reached up to grab it that was huge the most she had moved since she has been there. She is awake alot more throughout the day and she has 3 kinds of therapy a day. To help her walk, talk, and do everyday things like getting dressed and she does those 3 times a day. Yesterday she was able to sit on her own, but not for to long but that was good to see her getting stronger. She still isn't talking but we are hopeful it won't be to much longer. One of the hardest hing for me to see is her just lay there with no emotion in her face, that is very normal and is one of the last things to come back.

Jade and I are doing well it has been very hard, but with all the love and support from family and friends we are going to make it through this rough time. Thanks for all your prayers.

Jade would not leave her side for the first few daysKy worries about her everyday.

She is doing well enough that we take her for rides in the wheelchair, Ky couldn't wait to do that.

Therapy went good she put the ball in all by herself. Great progress.And sat on her own.

I was able to put her own Pj's on her so it was good to see her in her own clothes. She is just resting from along day.

Sunday, April 19, 2009


This weekend jade's brohter came up to put some new counter tops in our kitchen. He brought his son Ty who is just a few weeks younger than Addie. We don't see him much so it was fun to have him for a few days. He and Addie were either trying to hurt each other or were best friends the whole weekend that's just how it goes sometimes. And Ty loves Ky he just follows him around. And wants to do whatever he does. Thanks for coming Ty.

Old Roomies

This last thursday I met up with some of my old roommates from Snow. It was so fun to see them. I haven't seen them in about 6 or 7 years maybe even longer. But anyway we met for lunch at Applebee's it was a little crazy because all 3 of us have 2 kids each and we brought them along to show them off, they did ok at first but towards the end of our visit, us mom's were about to pull our hair out. We decided next time to just have a girls day. It was great to see them and catch up. Thanks girls can't wait to do it again.

Andrea,Michelle, and Me

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Creative Ky

Sometime's he really amazes me on what he comes up with. He is always wanting to make something just about everyday. He came to me and asked if we had any toothpicks and had me trace his hands on a piece of paper. Then he cut them out and taped toothpicks on the ends to make bear claws. Honestly I think he should become an inventor when he grows up. Who knows what he will come up with next.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

CONGRATS Jade and Mac

Meet my new nephew Briten D. Anderson. Isn't he cute. We wish Jade and Mac the best. You are going to be awesome parents.
Ky and Addie thought he was pretty neat. We asked Addie where he came from and she said "he came from wal-mart".Cause thats where all her babies come from I guess. I thought that was funny.She also said" he is soooooooooo cute mom." When I told her that mac had him she said"is HE a girl." Ky wasn't so sure at first but after awhile he decided to hold him.
We have waited along time for him to join our family. And we are glad he is fineally here.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Sunday

It looks like he is choking her but he isn't. We hope everyone had a great easter. Our's was pretty good. For the past 2 weeks Jade has been at a school for his job over at Camp william's .So he missed out on the easter morn,but while we were at church he came home for awhile and hid some eggs for the kids. We just relaxed for most of the day and had a great time with each other.

Addie in her cute spring dress that grammie gave her

Hunting For EGGs

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A day at the park

Yay! it's fineally is here. (well for a day) spring weather. Since it was a nice day yesterday I decided to take the kids to the park wich they have been waiting for. They took there bikes and rode around. I of course had to take a few candid moments. It was so nice just to sit in the sun and watch my kids play. That is one of my favorite things to do is watch them play. Its funny because last year it seemed like I had to help Addie when she was climbing up the things at the park and help her on the swings and now she is big enough to do it all on her own( how sad she is getting so big). We had a fun day.

Addie being sillyHe is kind of chessyswingin so high

I thought this one was so cute of him

Monday, April 6, 2009

Dresses and Skirts...

Well the past few weeks Addie has been wanting to wear skirts and dresses and will change at least 3 times a day. Oh my, she is so girly. She has also been starting to dance around and she says she has to have a dress on to twirl around and dance like barbie on one of the movies she has. But today she has changes 3 times and it is only noon and has put on 2 of ky's socks and one of his shoes and the inside of on of hers, what a weirdo.

Fun Weekend....

This past weekend we headed to richfield for a baby shower for my sister in-law Maclee. Its always fun to go down and spend time with family. I don't have alot to say but it was fun and I hope mac had a good time at her shower. Here are some pic of what went down why we were there.

This picutre is obvisouly of ky riding but jades grandpa billy gave a saddel to ky and my dad was able to fix the stirrups to fit him. SO he was just trying out the saddel. It fit him great. Thanks Granpa's !!!

U know Add whatever Ky does she has to

Right before the shower me,addie,maclee, corley

ALL the girls

The mommy to be.

We wish you the best Mac, you are going to be a great mom.

Oh yeah, Addie thought it would be fun to cut her own hair why we were there it wasn't bad she just gave herself a few layers but I freaked out when I saw all the hair. I guess she thinks she can cut hair cause, she watches me cut hair all the

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Is It ever going to get here

I am sure everyone feels the same way I do. But I am so tired of the cold. I can't wait for the warm weather. And my kids too. They ask daily if we can go swimming, yes we can but its much more fun to go when we can go outside, they also ask to go to the park. We could but who wants to bundle up to go play at the park. Anyway just wanted to complain. I hope someday it will come.

Ky's New Obsession....

The past few weeks Ky has been obsessed with dogs. He has been watching some new movies that have come out and they are all dog ones and he just talks about dogs all the time. He is already talking about what he wants to be for Halloween and that he wants to be BOLT, I am sure it will change. He wants me to find a bolt stuffed dog. If anyone see one anywhere let me knoe where you saw it. If you know my son he dosen't stop until he gets it. Anyway today I bought him this coloring thing with a dog on it he was very excited.He likes stuff like that. Here is a cute pic of him.