The Love of a Family is Lifes Greatest Blessing

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Christmas Day:)

We has such a great christmas..jade decided to spoil the kids alot more than they usually do because he most likely won't be here for our next christmas. It was a fun filled day. We started a tradition last year that we would only let them open a gift every 30 min to an hour to make it last longer. It has worked out pretty well. Jades paretns came up that afternoon and we had some good food and played the WII we got super fun. Ky got aDS, drums,pellet gun games, boots and a bunch of other things. Addie got a tangled tower, games my size dress up dolls, barbies aand a bunch of other things. Its been soo long i can't remember everyhting they got. We got the Wii for the family and it has been a big hit.

Dreaming of what the jolly guy will bring them:)

Christmas eve in there new jam's

Sunday, January 22, 2012

christmas part 1

Christmas eve we had my family over for the afternoon. We had alot of fun we played minute to win it games and other games and ate some yummy food. I always love having family come to my house on christmas it soo much fun. Enjoy the pictures.. more to come!!

Chritmas sing at the school

addie and ky after the christmas sing soo weird to have both kids thereFireman christmas party with grandma and grandpa cowley

Friday, December 9, 2011

Tree Hunting

The sat after thanksgiving we went with our good friends to find the perfect christmas tree.. the kids had a blast playing in the snow, while jade and i looked for the tree. The trees always look smaller on the mountain. It seems huge in our front room. It was a fun little family outing. We roasted hot dogs afterwards and chatted until we were all to cold.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

we rake,we pile, we jump

It's always so fun to jump into a huge pile of leaves. But according to ky it just not as fun anymore since he is getting older...haha!! Addie had a blast though. Ready set jump

love them

ky and his buddy oscar

having a blast

love this one
Happy fall hope your having a good one:)

Thursday, November 3, 2011


Halloween is always fun.. i personally hate dressing up but its fun dressing up the kids. I love seeing them so happy and running from house to house in excitment. That morning I got them halloween dounghnuts for breakgast. They got to dress up for school. Ky went as a skeleton to school, but a cowboy skeleton that night. WE thought he looked super cool. Addie was Ariel and had to have red hair,i just sprayed it red. I hate the stuff I don't think i will ever do that again:} They had a parade and each class sang a song. I got to help in addie's class for her party.

That night i took the kidsa round with my friend and her boys whiloe the guys stayed home and handed out candy. It was a perfect night to be out trick or treating. Some dumb punk kids did jump out and scared the crap out of us dressed in gorilla costumes. I hate being We had a fun halloween. the kids are already talking about next years:}

ky's class

Addie's class

she is such a goon!!

already for school

they both look so different with their hair colored