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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Summer hair do's for the girlies

I was asked to be guest blogger and do some cute, fun hairstyles. That is off the neck and will keep little girlies a little cooler the summer. I think they are all pretty easy and hope you can follow what i did. I put the pics on in backwards order so scroll down and read up. Thanks j&m eyecandy for asking me to do this. If you haven't checked out there etsy shoppe, you should they have lots fun hair accessories, jewlery and more. The blogsite is j&m'

1- pretty cute right.. finish with a bow from j&m's eye candy!!

Miss addie likes her hair in a pony everyday. I hate just a plain old pony so I have been trying to spice the up a bit. I put 2 braids on each side and then add them to the big pony in the back. After you have one pony do as many braids in the pony as you wish. I just did 2.


finsih it off with a bow or head band from j&m's eye candy..check out their esty shoppe. they have super cute stuff:)

next you are going to kind of make it look like a flower. take
a strand of hair wrap it around and then bobbie pin it. keep taking a strand of hair untul you have made a flower. its cute if some of the hair stick sticking out all around. i think this is a cute do for the 4 th of july.

braid the end. split the back into 2 sections. and make 2 ponies.

section the hair like in the 1st style. your going to make a hole in the pony and stick the hair at the end through the hole. do this all the way across the hair.


finish it off with a cute flower from j&m's eye candy!!

add the pony from the top to the you are going to take some hair and split in 2 and you are going to twist them together. and you will add hair each time you twist. Keep going to the back of the ear. make a pony tail or messy bun.

make apart at the top of the head and make a section for a pony tail(pic above),do that all across the head hooking each pony togehter. i usually do 4 across.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

field day and dance festival 2011

I am just a littel behind. But I wanted to put his on here. The last week of school ky's school always has a dance festival and field day. Ky really got into his dance this year. He did really good. I love going to watch all the dances. Then after the dance festival they have field day. Such a fun day i was able to stay and help with one of the games. I am always so glad that I can help out with the things the kids do. (can't figure out how to getmy pics rotate)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

She's 5 really!!!

I am pretty sure i say this every year but it really makes me sad when my kids turn another year older. But thats just how it goes. Addie said she had a " great birthday".:) On mon her grammie took her to get nail paintedshe loved it so much. On her birthday we invited some close friends to the park and had pizza and just played. Easiest party ever. Andthen that night we met her grandma and grandpa cowley for dinner at applebee's. I think it was a fun day.

5 things abouts ADDS

*she is sweet as can be (when she wants to be)

*she is super girly but not scared to get dirty* her favorite thing to wear right now is pants or sweat pants, its june addie not janruary.

* she loves her brother, they actually get along pretty good.
*she loves dance and wishes she could go everyday.

Hope you had a Very Happy Birthday Addie Shmaddie!!

Thursday, June 9, 2011


Its funny the things kids think are so fun.. they loved the 50 cent roller coaster ride at the mall. They crack me up. It made there whole day to get to ride this thing. There smiles says it all:)