The Love of a Family is Lifes Greatest Blessing

Saturday, June 13, 2009


I Have been a slacker lateley. It seems like weeks fly by lateley and I haven't had time to blog. So this is alittle of whats been going on.
A Few weeks ago my little bro. (but not so little) graduated high school, I can't believe that he is that old. He is going to go to school in texas in the fall.

ADDIE STARTED DANCE<< The fisrt day she was kinda shy about it for the first few minuets then she warmed up to it. Now she loves it wants to go everyday.

Last sunday was addie's birthday and my sweet nephews blessing. So she got to share her special day with his special day .We went out to roosevelt saturday afternoon to stay over nite. And thanks to my awsome sister in-law she made a very cute princess cake for her.And that's what she had for breakfast. I appreciated her taking the time to do that when she had plenty to do. So thanks mac your the best.I was going to have a princess party for her but jade is gone to summer camp for 2 weeks . And I didn't want him to miss it. But before he left we took her to chuckie cheese and had a great time.

Getting ready to blow out the candels!First thing that morning she said "can I open my presents now". She has been so excited for her b-day for months. Handsome mister Briten!

Her favorite thing a chuckie!! Ky had fun too!

If that's not the cutest wrangler butt!!!

This past week my brother has been partcipating in the High School Rodeo Finals, so we went up and watched a few days. Hopefully he will make it to nationals. We will find out tonite.

Today addie partcipated in the stickhorse princess contest for the cedar fort rodeo they have over the 24th it was kinda dumb but she had fun and she got a crown so she was very happy about that.

That pretty much sums it up for now, sorry for the long post. Addie also went for a check up this week and the doc says she is doing great. Just have to take her back in 6 months. We are also looking forward for Jade to coming home.