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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Back To School!!

Ky started 1st grade today i can't believe it. It is so crazy how fast time goes. I am not ready for him to be grown up. He was really excitied to go he woke up at 5 and was ready to go, I told him it wasn't time yet. He was most excited for eating lunch at school. I don't know why becuz he will prob take his lunch everyday becuz he is the pickiest eater. Iam so proud of him and look forward to his achievements this year. He is also going to be turning 7 on friday, seems just like yesterday we were bringing him home. Wow that went by fast. I don't think we realize how fast they grow up,but they sure do.
Tomorrow we are headed to San Diego for 10 days we are all excited. So I will have a lot to blog about when we get back.

I took some cute pic of him but can't get my computer to load them. so stay tuned for those.

Happy School Year!!!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Family Pic ( :2010:)

I had been wanting to get family pics for awhile. Anyone who knows me knows I love pics especially when it comes to my beautiful family. I had made a few appointments with my friend and things would come up and we would have to cancel. We fineally made it to the day we were going to ge them done for sure and Iwake up with a horrible sore infected eye. I thought we would have to cancel. But I just decdied to go ahead with it. I think I look horrible in the pics, addie of course has to be a stinker and jade hates pics as it is. Ky was a trooper. I think she got some pretty cute ones but not the best pic day ever. So here are a few...

Thanks so much Haylee!!

Monday, August 9, 2010

some summertime fun

Last week me and my friend took our kids to thanksgiving point to farm country. It was only 2$ every tuesday in aug. Which is a great deal . I wouldn't pay full price because it was kind of lame
but, the kids had a lot fun. And its always fun to do things with the kids. I hope they have a had a fun summer. It is coming to an end. I thought I would be ready for ky to go back but i'm really not. I can't believe he is going to be in 1st grade. Where does the time go. I love my kids so much. I hope they know how much I do.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

ViVa Las Vegas

Last week the kids and I went to Vegas for a few days. We went with grandma deb and cousin Ty. We had a great time. It was very hot the first day we were there. I think it was at least 110 that day or hotter. We took the kids to a few family friendly places, we saw tiger's, dancing water as they call it, a valcone that they were so excited to see and ended up hating it. They swam alot at least 8 hours in one day. They were swam out by the time we left.

We had a little scary experinece. After we took the kids to the valcone and headed back to the car we were told that the parking garage was shut down by the police. And asked everyone to go back inside the hotel. We just sat in the doorway and waited until we got the ok to goto the car. An hour and a half later we were able to leave. There ended up being a man in garage with a gun. We were alittle scared and ran to the caras fasr as we could. We were alittle nervous walking back but we made it out safely.

I have been to vegas quite a few times and have always wanted my pic by the famous sign. As you can see the kids were thrilled about this.

My friend Ashlee came and hung with us for the day it was fun to see her and her kids.

At one of the hotels they had this fun display you could walk through. All the flowers were real it was amazing.

Deb and her babies.
me and the kidlets

Silly kids

Headed Out!!