The Love of a Family is Lifes Greatest Blessing

Monday, August 31, 2009

Special Day!!!

Ky turned 6 years old last thurs. Iam alittle late but he had a great day.He also started kindergarten on his b-day and had his first soccoer game. I can't believe he is 6 and in school. Time really does fly. He said his favorite part of school the first day was riding the bus. He has really likes school so far. After school I took him to his favorite place for lunch Mcdonald's (Yum) , then grandma and grandpa cowley came up and took him b-day shopping . He wanted a turtle and they were going to get ne for him. We met them at petsmart and found the turtels he seemed alittle nervous to hold it so I told him if he was going to be scrared of it he wasn't going to get it. So he held it for a min then he put it and it moved fast towards addie and I have never heard her scream so loud and ky jumped on top of me. Needless to say he didn't get a turtle , me and grandma has a great laugh. He got a scooter and camera instead. Then later that evening he had a soccer game he really got into it I was proud of him. His team won 5-1. After the game we went appelbee's for dinner. I think He had a great b-day. Yesterday we had a family, friend party. It was fun and I always am happy to make my kids birthday's fun and memorable.

He wanted a special b-day breakfast his favorite muffinsand doughnuts.
Just before leaving for school

Proud mom and sister.

In his classroom

At dinner addie was more interested in kys sundae he got, I don't know whhat's up with jade's look

Happy B-day boy

We had a pinata for the kids, the best part was watching jade and my brother jade try to hit it.

My bro Jade yes they were pushing the branch higher so he was having trouble hitting it it was funny.

With the help from grammie my nephew Briten even got a hit

Ky opening his gifts and we had cupcakes and ice cream, I had the kids make their own little monkey cupcakes.I hope Ky had a great Birthday!!

Friday, August 21, 2009


Jade's grandparent's were on a mission out to Martin's Cove. So we went out to visit them a few weeks ago. With jades family. We pulled hancarts and hiked, up Rocky Ridge. It was hard work hiking up the trail. But we made it. Ty and Addie didn't go with us it wpuld have been alot harde. But Ky was a tropper and tried walking it with us. He got alittle tired so jade put him on his shoulders and carried him most of the way. I am very grateful for what the pioneers did. But also grateful i was not one of them.There were little hand carts for kids. Ky was tough and pulled ty and addie.

Our Fam getting ready to pull the handcarts(on the left) and (right)going to hike up rocky ridge addie did not want her picture taken.

It got a little chilly so I made Jade carry me across the sweet water river and jade, josh,and deb pulled the kids across.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Alittle behind the times (24th of July weekend)

I love to take the kids swimming in the summertime. And they could swim everyday if they could.Addie looks like she is mad but she just had a mouth full of pudding
Over the 24 th we headed south and Jade went to a few rodoe's it's always fun to go watch. We also spent the weekend with his family.Grandma deb loves cotton candy and has rubbed that off on to the kids. She likes it so much she bought a machine. To make it all the time.Who needs a carnival or fair just go to grandma's.

Grandma and as she says "her babies".Eattin contton candy.

Sorry about the blurry pic. ligthing sparklers. Can't not go without some fireworks and sparklers. It was a fun filled few days.

More updates to come.