The Love of a Family is Lifes Greatest Blessing

Monday, August 29, 2011

no way ky's 8

WOW!! I can't believe ky is 8. I decided to let him have a friend birthday party. Since we live in such a small town he knows all the kids in his class so he invited them all 19..thanks goodness all of them didn't come but we still had a big bunch come. It was great though I was alittle stressed, but we made it through. We did a carnival theme. Face painting,cotton candy,snow cones and games. Lots and lots of sugar. The kids had a fun time and ky was so happy and had a great day!!

Ky is such a great kid. And I hope he stays that way forever. He is very creative, always cutting something out of paper building something or drawing. He will be something amazing someday I just know it. I hope he had the best birthday and knows how much we love him:)

all the was hard to get them all together!!

just a few more

more games

gifts from friends

thanks grandma deb for bringing all the fun treats:}

playing games


opening presents from the fam

favorite thing for breakfast..doughnuts!!

Birthday Boy!! I always like to decorate the kitchen so they see it when they first wake up on the special day.