The Love of a Family is Lifes Greatest Blessing

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Dance and State Fair

After a coupel of months off Addie started dance again last week. She was so excited to go and loved it. She wants to go everyday. Silly girl.

This weekend we went on our annual family trip to the state fair with jade's fam, it was really fun. On friday we of course had to go to chuckie cheese. After that we went to salt lake and stayed in a motel that had a little water park in it the kids had a blast. They swam for hours and wore themselves out. We ordered take put from Applebee's and ate at the motel then did some more swimming. Sat morn we went to the fair. Its always fun to go and see whats new. We all had a great time. Thanks for the fun weekend Russ and Deb!!

Ky and Grandma at chuckie

Ky swimming

This was really fun from left to right justin and ty, tausha and ky. me and add. Jade didn't get to come he had guard we missed him Addie,Ky and Ty carrot heads

The kids favorite was the little hands farm they have set up there tye got to milk a cow ,plant a garden ride a tractor and some other fun things.

Monday, September 14, 2009

MOM'S 50th

This past weekend was my mom's 50th birthday.We wanted to do something special and we and to surprise her with a trip to park city. We told her just the girls were going to go up and spend the weekend. She seemed alittle bumed that the guys weren't going to be there. But to her surprise they showed up late friday nite and it was a great surprise. We stayed at a very nice condo and we were able to go to olmpic park and have a fun afternoon we watched some skiers practice going of some jumps and flipping into the water. It was awesome. We also got to go on 2 different zip lines, the alpine slides and bob sledding. It was a fun filled afternoon. The girls also had to get some shopping in at the outlets. I hope mom has a great birthday.

With the help from my neighbor I made this cake for her. I thought it turned out pretty good. Until I put it in my car and it melted . It still looked ok.The girls at olympic park.(not the best pic)

Grammie and Ky Mac and Add this was the 3rd time the kids had went down the Alpine slide they loved it!!!

The 3 black dots are the jade's and dad doing the zipline

mac,corley and mom getting ready to bobsled. i didn't do it I watched the kids they said it was really fun.

They guys. They had the fastest time of the day. They do have a professional drive the bobsled.

Hope You had a great B-Day!!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


A few weeks ago me and my friend Ashley took out kids to the dinsoaur musem. I thought it would be fun but there were so many people that you couldn't walk without running into someone. The kids had fun but i was glad to leave. In the picture above is tanleigh,saige, add, ky, Sorry about the blurry pic. There were some neat things to look at and do They had lots of fun.

This was add's favorite I couldn't get her to leave. There was just a bunch of sand an water for kids to play in.

Ky and addie digging for Dinosaur bones. SO much fun.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I can't believe it...

My Baby started Preschool today. I think I had a harder time with that than Ky going to kindergarten.Just because she is the baby and she is getting so big and i am not ready for her to be. But anyway she was super excited all morning every 5 min she was asking if it was time to go. She had lots fun. And one of her best little buddies from next door is in her class so that makes it fun for her.

Add and Weston in the car going to school.Add asked me if I was her school bus driver. Since ky gets to ride a bus she thinks she needs to. So mom's car is now a bus.

Add at school her her own desk, she thought it was pretty neat.

And most importantly they have some fun things to play on and that was her favorite today.