The Love of a Family is Lifes Greatest Blessing

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Just another day at the park...

On Monday we didn't have much going on so I took the kids to a really fun park. They had a great time and I enjoyed sitting in the sun and watching them play.SIBLING LOVE!!!!

She cracked me up while I was watching her on this dino, she really got into it. ( notice her pigtails flying)
This was her favorite to play on for the day!

He takes good pics when he is having fun!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Funny Girl

Yesterday we were driving home and she say's "OH MY GOSH, WE ALMOST HOME." I thought it was so funny how she said withsuch emotion, and then today she went to lay down and hit her head on her dresser and said "GOSH DANG IT, THAT GOT IN MY WAY". Kids say the funniest things.I guess gosh is a new word for her.LOL...

Teddy Bear picnic - and Preschool Graduaiton

Yesterday was Ky's program and graduation. I can't believe it, its went by so fast in just a few short months he is going to go to kindergarten. He is so excited he already wants to go. Anyway him and is fellow classmates put on alittle program, they all had 1 liners to say and then they would sing a song all about teddy bears, it was really cute and ky was so excited for and he did a great job. I think there was only him and about 2 other kids that new the songs the best.

His teacher made them bear costumes, and they had a display of their solar systems and catapillers that they made.

What a smile!!

His certificate saying he passed pre-school and is going on to the BIG Kindergarten!!

We are proud of him and all that he does he is such and great kid!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

zoo continued...

The gang!!!
The Trian They are Kinda cheesy!!!

Kys favorite was the penguins, so he had to ride one.

They really liked the caurosel and train ride the best!!!

Just the 3 of us!!!

Fun At The ZOO...

Maclee and I have been wanting to go to the zoo forever and yesterday we fineally went. It was fun, it wasn't crowded and the weather was perfect I don't know that Briten cared to much , but my kids had alot of, ky had to get a map and lead us the way to all the animlas and when we would get to them he would just look for a second and then want to move right to the next one. It was a fun day and hopefully next time Briten will be alittle older and like it more. Thanks Mac for going with us.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

The BIG 28

Happy Birthday Jade!!!
Hope its a great one.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Addie Update

Well it has been a week since she has been home. It has been a busy week but we are glad she is home with us. She hasn't slowed down at all she is busy as ever and we have to keep a close eye on her. So I don't get much done throughout the day. The past 3 days she has had to go to speech therapy, physical therapy and to see her pediatrican. I feel like i am just running her all over. She is doing very well the physical therapist said she dosen't think she will need to come every week, we just have to do a few things with her to get her right leg stronger. And in 2 weeks take her back for a check up. I forgot to post these on but they had a going home party for addie, and 2 other kids that were leaving the same day as her. We had pizza and rootbeer floats. And one of the kids that had been there for a couple of months had wrote some songs and sang them at the party. They weren't the most appropriate songs but very entertaining.
CHUCKIE (or chunkie as my kids call it) CHEESE...

The other nite I had our friends kids for the evening and took them to chuckie its my kids favorite. It is not the best pizza ever but the entertainment is great for the kids. They had so much fun.

ky, brady, grayce and addie ky and brady sayin "Cheeeese"

This was one of there favorite its a rollercoaster ride.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Welcome Home Addie

Yesterday afternoon we brought addie home. It is so nice to have her home. She is doing very well she still sruggels with speech and walking, so we have to watch her very close when she walks especially on the stairs. But other than that she is doing awesome. She will have to go to therapy 1 time a week for awhile.To help with her speech and walking. I am so grateful for what everyone has done for us. Thanks so much!!

This was on our way out!!

Grandma Deb came up to get Ky from school and brought this fun sign for Add. I don't think she was to excited but I thought it was cute.

We are so glad she is home we missed her and love her so much!!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

She's Coming Home

I never thought it would be this soon but we arw very excited. Tomorrow she is coming home. She has done so well the past few days.All the doc and therapist are surprised how well she has done. They thought it would be at least another week. But she tricked us all. On sunday she pulled out her feeding tube twice. So on monda morn they decided to try her on food and she did very well with that. So she didn't have to have the tube back in we are so happy. Then yesterday afternoon they did a x-ray to check her neck again and it looked good so it got to com off. I was so happy to see her look like herself again. And her little personality is coming rigth back.

This was just a few min after she got the brace off. I think she was happy!

she likes her wheelchair, she can make it go on her own. I think she might miss it.

Yesterday in OT she had to go through this obstacle, to get pieces to the puzzel and then back through to put it together

Today in PT she made a princess, tinkerbell potoato head. To help her with her fine motor.

Monday, May 4, 2009

2 WEEKS...

I thought we would be home by now, its been 2 weeks since the accident and although we aren't home yet. Each day we get closer to bringing her home. She has made alot of progress since that first day, and since I posted last. From last thusrday to friday morning she went from not doing much to talking, walking a little better and sitting up with out someone supporting her back. I am turly amazed. I am not sure how much longer she has to stay but I am hoping maybe the end of this or the first of next week. She still isn't able to swallow so we have to wait tell she can eat. As well as she has done I have a feeling she will get that down in the next few days. Yesterday afternoon she was sleeping and pulled out her feeding tube. She was not happy when they had to put it back in. And I had to leave the room it was so sad, (but dad stayed with her). Also sat nite we had went to get some dinner and I guess the nurses weren't watching her very close because they went to check on her and she was standing outside the bed. It was a good thing that she is getting to where she dosen't want to stay in bed. But if she would have fallen she could have gotten hurt. We are very happy with the progress she has made. I am looking forward to bringing her home soon.

They put her on this swing, to balance herself as she went back and forth she really good.
Her new cousin came to see her , it dosen't look like she is very happy but she really liked him.

She is looking more like her happy little self. She is still pretty cute with a neckbrace and feeding tube. Don't ya think?