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Saturday, July 30, 2011

more summer fun:)

We spent 4 fun days in las vegas with grandma deb.. We pretty much spent 4 days swimming. And getting our tan on. It was very hot so it was nice to get in the water and cool off. Addie wanted to get in the hot tub pretty much the whole time. I don't know how she could becuz it was so stinkin hot. There was a lazy river that we loved except for addie until the last day she decided she loved it. Hopefully next year she will remember how fun it was. We also went to the Bellagio hotel to the conservatory where they always have a cute display and then out to watch the water show wich is the kids favorite. The kids were dying to go to M&M world. I think they may have been disappointed. I was going to let them get a bag of there favorite kind/color of m&m but at $14.00 a lb i think not. They also wanted to go the the rainforest cafe to eat dinner one night. Thanks deb for the trip!! We had a great time:)

signing the wallstopped in for so yummy yougurt

ready to go..and so excited

Friday, July 22, 2011


These are just a few fun things we have done this summer!! Went to lagoon and had a great day!! SoSo much fun:)

addie's pretty face painting

She fell asleep while she was getting it done

the train.. gotta luv the train at lagoon

Addie's favorite ride she rode this one at least 10 times!!

took alot to get ky on this ride the 'BAT' but once he got on he loved it and went on it a few more times


we went to the mormon miracle pagent.. it was really fun we had to go early to get front row seats so we just hung out in the shade a relaxed until it started!! Took ky with us early and addie came right as it started so i didn't get any pictures with her. The kids were really good during it and really liked it.


whats summer without swimming we try to go a couple times a week.. The kids would go everyday if I would let them.

getting her tan

ky loved this slide he couldn't convience add to go on it, she wouldn't even with me. She just stuck with the baby slide.


Ky played baseball and loved it he gets better every year!! If the other team mates would let him ever get the ball, he would like it more. He hits awesome. I hope he sticks with it:)

Sad summer is going to be over so soon only a month and school will start!! I always hope my kids have a memorable one:)

Saturday, July 9, 2011

4th of July Weekend

Its has taken me forever to get this post done. Lots of pictures..cuz we had so much fun. Birthday party, family parties, BBQ , firworks and parades couldn't ask for anything better!!

Bounce houses at the park after the parade

riding on grandpa billy's fire truck in the parade


Add luv's this cotton candy can you tell

sparklers are so much fun

stupid dog hates fireworks..he tried to eat them

festive treats

kids with cousin TY

kids were in the primary kids parade.. decorated bike and scooter and then they decided it would be funner to ride on the 4 wheeler with grandpa

making a car at cousin ty b-day!!