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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Easter Continued...

Grandma and grandpa hid easter baskets from them. So they got 2 easater baskets this year. They are just alittle spoiled.

She has her daddy wrapped around her finger and can pretty much get him to do anything.

They both got swimming suits, a kite, bubbles and tons of candy!!

Showing off all the eggs they found, they found alot!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Easter 2010

For Easter this year we went down to St.George. It was a nice little get away. We had a great time with jade's family. I was so glad we were there instead of here. Since it snowed, the weather was perfect. We all got a little sun. On sat we went over to sand hallow for a few hours and let the kids play in the sand and had lunch it was really fun and relaxing. Addie was brave and got in the water. She is crazy because it was freezing but she had a blast. Ky however wouldn't even come close to the water but had fun hunting for seashell's and playing in the sand. After we got back from there the kids wanted to swim so we did that in an outdoor pool and it was actually warm after swimming we had a yummy steak dinner. Sunday we went to jade's aunts and had an easter egg hunt and BBQ the kids had a great time and the food was awesome I just love BBQ's. There was a ton of eggs for the kids to find and they all found a TON. We had a fun relaxing weekend I wish it wouldn't have went by so fast. The car ride down they were soo excited. They are both good little travelers.
Ky looking for seashells and Addie was making a sand angel
Having fun in the sand!!
Jade's dad and grandpa got him in there good. He couldn't get out it was pretty funny.
This is when she first got in, Burrr by the time she got out she was wet to her waist. Crazy girl.

This is Ky's shoes after we left there he wore these home. There was a lot of sand in them it had to have been uncomfortable. I thought it was funny so I had to take a pic. Lets just say I was finding sand for a few days. Anyway I have way to many pic of this fun filled weekend so it is to be continued..