The Love of a Family is Lifes Greatest Blessing

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

EGG' stra fun day!

Since the weather has been so fantastic the past few days and we have pretty much been stuck inside. I thought it would be fun to color eggs for easter. The kids of course were "eggstatic" and couldn't wait. I think addie dropped and cracked more than not but. She still had fun. Ky tried to make his all different colors and tried to do some designs. We had a fun time doing them.

Waiting patiently for me to get the stuff ready!!

Dippin the EGGS Making sure it is put in nice and slow Waiting paitently for the right color

The finished product!! Beautiful kids beautiful Eggs

Hope You Have A" EGGSTRA"
Special Easter!!

Monday, March 29, 2010

A conversation with miss addie

We were driving in the car today! And addie said "mom do you like boys", yes addie I do. Addie "well you and dad need to get married then", We already got married . Well I didn't see you guys kiss. So you aren't married yet. Oh ok'. Where do they come up these things. She is only 3. She then proceeds to tell me she isn't ever getting married cuz she dosen't want to kiss boys. But she said " Maybe her daddy will marry her".
And I told her dad can only be married to me, And then she said" well you don't need to be married to dad anymore".

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Disney On Ice #2

(2 Happy kids)

Last thursday i took the kids to Disney on ice!! My sis -inlaw mac and nephew briten, out friend lottie and her 2 boys also cam along. It was AMAZING and my kids were in heaven. We had a great time.We thought that addie was going to get to meet some of the princesses. But was only able to get up close and wave wich she thought was neat. But a little disappointed she didn't get to really meet them. I ahve been a few of the disney ice shows and they really are so amazing how much they really look like the character in the movies. There was little mermiad, th lion king, tinkerbell and cars. Mickey and Minnie Donald and Goofy were the hosts. Here are a few pic!!

Addie and the newest princess from Princess and The Frog


I love doing this kind of fun stuff with my kids. Its so fun to see the smile's on their faces and the memories that will last forever. !! Love you guys!!!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Weekend in Good Ol' Roosevelt

Last weekend me and the kids went out to roosecelt to visit my bro and his fam. It was a nice relaxing weekend. It was my b-day on friday and we went out to lunch and Maclee and I went tanning. And went to the few little craft stores they have out there. My parents and sister also came out. For a goat tying school.So we went and watched her for little bit there. Then back to jade and mac's for a yummy dinner b-day cake and ice cream. It was a pretty good b-day!! Me and the Kiddo's at lunch!!

OMG!!! That is a ton of candels

The kids with their cousin Briten. I don't know why but I like bath time pictures with cousin..

We also went bowling!! It was fun. Ky kicked all of our butts. He is a pretty good little bowler. And for Add well she had fun but had a hard time getting the ball to go fast.As she would say.

Thanks Mac and Jade for the fun weekend!!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

7 years!!!

(This is an old picture of us. Its sad I really don't have many of us. Because jade hates
On the March 1st Jade and I celebrated our 7 year anniversary. We got to spend the afternoon together lunch and a movie ( The Blindside) you must see if u haven't seen it yet. Afternoon dates are fun. I am so greatful for jade and what a great husband and father he is. We have been through alot in our 7 yrs. but we have learned alot through the years. But one thing is for sure we love each other more and more . I am excited for the next 7 and to see what those years bring.

I am also going to be turning 28 on friday. That is crazy 30 keeps getting closer and closer. I still think i am young. And I always have people tell me I look like I am 23 or so. That makes me feel great. Anyway kind of a boring post but thats all I got.