The Love of a Family is Lifes Greatest Blessing

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Last thur my mom and I took addie to disney on ice. It was really fun . Addie was so excited to go. You wouldn't know it because she wouldn't smile in any of the pic. But she didn't move the whole nite she was in amazement of all the princesses. It is amazing to me how much they really make the character looke like they do on the movie. We had a great girls nite out. Thanks for going with us grammie!! me and add I was trying to get pic of the castle but it didn't show up to well. Addie really wanted to go inside it

7 dwarfs.Cute little guys

Snow white

Cinderella And the Prince

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Fall Fun

After raking the dreaded leaves! The kids had fun playing in them. Then I got to rake them all up again! Addie in her dance clothes, ky having a picnic in the leaves.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Sleep Walking!!

So last nite I had just got to bed and I heard ky get up I thought he was just going to the bathroom. Well he didn't I kept hearing him walk around going up and down the stairs and and down in the kitchen so I went to see what he was doing. His eyes were clsoed and he was peeing in my kitchen garbage can. I burst out laughing what in the world are you doing I said He said just going to the br. I really think he was sleep walking. Its not the first time I have caught him doing weird things in the middel of the nite. Lol I thought it was pretty funny. But I just finished his business and walked up the stairs and went rigth back to bed.


Getting ready to go trick or treating>

ky in his bat costume. He is already planning next years costume.

Fairy Addie. Nice smile!!

There first house of the night to trick or treat at.
They had alot of fun. Got plenty of candy. And mom is glad its over. lol.!!

Our giant pumpkin, that jade's mom and dad grew in there garden. It was so huge we had to carve it on the floor so my tabel didn't break.
Jade really get's into the pumpkin carving. He had to use a elctric saw to get through the huge thing. Ky couldn't wait to carve it but doesn't want to help clean out the insides.
Addie wanted to make pumpkin pie. So by the time we were done she had 3 pans an paper plates full of pumpkin guts.
It turned out pretty good.!! a haunted house and our last name up the side. Good job jade.
Addie at her preschool halloween program.!She sang one song and then decided she didn't want to particapte and sat down and watched. Silly girl. She usually isn't to shy so i still don't know why she wouldn't sing..Add and her teacher Ms. Carol
Ky's school class. They had a parade at the school.
Ky at his school party.I was able to go and help with it. I am glad that i am able to support my kids,I was in charge of the craft for the kids. So I had them make a ghost out of there foot print. on Halloween I got the kids a jack o lantern pizza for dinner. YUM!!