The Love of a Family is Lifes Greatest Blessing

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

family reunion continued and fall fun

Grandma K wanted a pic of all the girls in the family dressed in all white. And a pic of all the boys. And I had a few snapshots of my fam.Ky was trying to make a slide out of a mattress and jade had the idea to put them on the stair, it started out as only one matress but by the end of the nite there were mattresses all the way up the stairs. And even the grown ups were doing it.Even grandma K. and grandpa billy. It was very entertaining and no one got hurt thank goodness.

Ms. Bucket head

Last week the kids were out of school for fall break it was such nice weather that I took the kids to a couple of parks and they found different colors of leaves. We cam home and made some leaf art.

Thursday, October 15, 2009


Last weekend we had a family reunion with jades family. His grandparents rented out a huge house in birds eye and we just spent the weekend hanging out .Some rode 4-wheelers, some fished, the girls had girls hour and we made some crafts, and the kids did too. We had good food and good company. Thanks grandma k and grandpa billy we had a great time.

one of the crafts ky made a cat maskadd loved putting sprinkels on the cookies and just dumping them in her mouth. The dress she is wearing grandma k got it for her for a fam pic we did while we were there. It is now her favorite dress.

I have more pic to post but my computers is not downloading them so i will hopefully get it working soon.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Silly Sock Day

At Addie's preschool they had a silly sock day. She got a certificate for the most colorful. We had fun looking for silly socks. She has also been so excited to wear her Halloween outfit. I bought it a while ago because if i didn't get it then it would have been gone. Anyway it has been hanging in her closet and everyday she would ask to wear it. I of course wouldn't let her. SO the nite before Oct 1st i told she could wear it the next day. And all nite she kept saying "I can't wait to wear my halloween clothes,mom i get to wear my hallowenn clothes tomorrow," I know addie. She about drove me nuts maybe some day I will learn not to tell my kids about things or clothes tell the day of. first thing that morning she ran and put it on.Anyway she looked pretty cute in it. I also like making her hair bows and flowers so I have been making a bunch lately it seems like she always loses one to a pair . Its a fun little hobby!

They were kinda big, it made her feet look like duck feet. They matched her dress well i thought