The Love of a Family is Lifes Greatest Blessing

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


who needs a carving knif when you have jade ans his saw-- zallWawhoo look at me go blogging sooner than later...Last night we carved pumpkins it was fun alittle on the messy side.I am still scrubbing pumpkin guts off my floor today. We had fun and the kids even cleaned out there own pumkins this year(SWEET)!!

Monday, October 24, 2011

state fair

Back in Sept we went up to the state fair with jades family its always a fun day!! Here is some of the fun things we did while we were there.We love goingto the fair eating the yummy fair food and spending time together!! We also saw a few shows and of course the animals.

She really wanted to drive this and at first they weren't going to let her..but obviously she got her

he loved it

youcan't go the fair without going through little hands on the farm..i think kys alittle big for the tractor:}

phew good thing there was a pink one.

the BIG yellow slide is always a must

Monday, October 17, 2011


WOW... Yes way behind on this post as well! I was really sad that my baby was starting school. But now that it has been over a month, I have ajusted and enjoy my mornings to myself!! She was so excited to fineally get to got to ky's school and ride the bus with him..oh the things they think are fun!! She is loving school and has already learned so much. Ky is in the 2nd grade he loves school. And loves it as well. He actually gets sad when he misses school. I love that they both love school. I hope it sticls with them.

yes i followed the bus to the school

is that not the cutest



I am so bad at blogging lately and I am not sure anyone even reads this anymore..but before school started. I took the kids to thanksgivimg point ,my mom was able to go with us. It was really fun. Well kind of the kids had a great time and thats all that matters right!!