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Thursday, November 3, 2011


Halloween is always fun.. i personally hate dressing up but its fun dressing up the kids. I love seeing them so happy and running from house to house in excitment. That morning I got them halloween dounghnuts for breakgast. They got to dress up for school. Ky went as a skeleton to school, but a cowboy skeleton that night. WE thought he looked super cool. Addie was Ariel and had to have red hair,i just sprayed it red. I hate the stuff I don't think i will ever do that again:} They had a parade and each class sang a song. I got to help in addie's class for her party.

That night i took the kidsa round with my friend and her boys whiloe the guys stayed home and handed out candy. It was a perfect night to be out trick or treating. Some dumb punk kids did jump out and scared the crap out of us dressed in gorilla costumes. I hate being We had a fun halloween. the kids are already talking about next years:}

ky's class

Addie's class

she is such a goon!!

already for school

they both look so different with their hair colored

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  1. So Cute! Addie looks awesome with red hair! And a cowboy skeleton, how cool and def. original! You should dress up next year, its lots of fun! Cute Kids, and I love reading your blog!