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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Christmas Day:)

We has such a great christmas..jade decided to spoil the kids alot more than they usually do because he most likely won't be here for our next christmas. It was a fun filled day. We started a tradition last year that we would only let them open a gift every 30 min to an hour to make it last longer. It has worked out pretty well. Jades paretns came up that afternoon and we had some good food and played the WII we got super fun. Ky got aDS, drums,pellet gun games, boots and a bunch of other things. Addie got a tangled tower, games my size dress up dolls, barbies aand a bunch of other things. Its been soo long i can't remember everyhting they got. We got the Wii for the family and it has been a big hit.

Dreaming of what the jolly guy will bring them:)

Christmas eve in there new jam's

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  1. Been thinking about you guys -- I still can't believe how big your kiddos are getting, that last picture really shows how grown up they are getting. Crazy! Cute Cute